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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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The only reason people might not be satisfied with automation NOW is because we still live in a system where money is used as means of survival (let alone doing anything else) and they were brainwashed by Hollywood to perceive technology as something bad that will turn on us and destroy us (this is the single most ludicrous thing I've ever heard in my life - Arthur C. Clarke also mentioned something along the same lines).

Within our current (capitalist) environment, we require jobs in order to live - without them, you are as good as dead.
Point is, it doesn't have to be like that.

We can free humans from this stupid idiocy for work (we had the ability to automate a great deal of things a century ago and need humans for few operational purposes and maintenance).
Hrm... So who stocks the shelves at your grocery store, and why would they bother if they get resources whether they work or not? Who builds your house, and again, why would they bother? Who wires it up, and who repairs the powerlines after an ice storm? Who hauls your trash away? Who spends their day behind the desk at a hotel and who cleans your room when you leave? Who does all the things to support your existence and who builds and maintains all of the automation that's producing the raw materials?

Secondly, since you're nothing but a drain on the system, not paying or contributing anything, wouldn't it make more sense to divert all the resources going to you to someone who's a bit more productive?

Eliminate money from the equation, provide every person on the planet with relevant general education, and access abundance, and you will see a radically different attitude.
Money is a place holder that sends the market (ie people) signals about the value of various products and services so they can allocate time and resources productively, as opposed to some communist countries where nobody had toilet paper or feminine hygience products and factories sometimes paid their employees with crates of dildos.

What you describe is more of a cargo cult. Nobody builds anything and they just sit around waiting for magical stuff to arrive.

Projecting failed systems of the past into something new is a manifestation of fear - nothing more.
Opposition will occur once Capitalism crashes.
Its up to us to choose something better that will benefit everyone (and not just the select few).
Hrm... Here's a question. Do you know what the "capital" in capitalism is, and why it works?
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