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Re: Is Wrath of Khan Overrated

This is the film where Nick Meyers hopped up and down calling for "more winkie-blinkies" in the background to liven up scenes. This philosophy even extended to the bosun's whistle used to pipe Admiral Kirk's party aboard. From the idiot lights, to the overwrought uniforms, to the questionable astrophysics of the Ceti Alpha system, there's plenty left wanting in Wrath of Khan.

And yet, I still kind of like it. It's hardly a clunker, but seeing younger fans characterize it as dull and slow says a lot about how much film-making has changed. This was an action-adventure popcorn flick back in its day, and maybe explains why extraordinary coincidences that help the heroes were so tolerated in the most recent movie; they served to keep the movie going at a fast pace.

So ... to wrap up: definitely over-rated, but still one of the better Star Trek movies.
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