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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

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Junk Star Trek's "modern secular liberalism" as a standard. Because our characters are a diverse group, only a few of our heroes will embrace this particular philosophy.Their beliefs on economics, religion, politics, government, capitalism, socialism are very different from each other.
And we had plenty of characters in DS9 who didn't agree with the mainstream Starfleet view. VGR had the Maquis to challenge Starfleet's political standards (though they didn't do so often enough due to network pressure) and Seven of Nine to challenge Federation ethics on a regular basis.

Have a officer who fully lives Picard's no money - better ourselves philosophy, won't eat food or wear clothing that isn't obtained without money. And right next to him is another officer who enjoys having access to money, is seen spending it, maybe has investments and a business outside of his Starfleet duties, sees nothing wrong with it. Have the two (as a "C-story") get in the occasional arguments on their differing positions.
DS9 often pitted the Ferengi's capitalist values against the Federation's post-scarcity standards, and was sympathetic toward both.

Something similar, two officers, one a person of faith, the other a atheist. Make them best friends...
And their names are Kira Nerys and Ben Sisko. Seriously, just about everything I'm hearing here is something that DS9 or some other Trek series has already done. So I really don't understand the allegation that Trek has somehow failed to go there.

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... the kind of diverse personalities that would realistically never make it past the presumably thorough psych evaluations that Starfleet ...
But when does the screening process stop being about the best interests of the service, and become about loading Starfleet with people of a selected pre-existing mindset? Not everyone in the Federation is Human, why would Federation society (and Starfleet's selection process) be determined by Human viewpoints?
Well, that's hardly fair. Just because limits exist, that doesn't mean the limits are narrow and restrictive. You can allow for a great deal of diversity and individuality yet still screen out people who are actually unstable, reckless, or dangerous to themselves and others. And who the hell said anything about "human viewpoints?"
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