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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Tired of Science, sick of exploring, what to get into the combat action the star trek Universe, Come join the USS Midway, An Akria star ship assigned to Task Force 86, in bravo Fleet.

The Midway is a Starfleet Marine Controlled Vessel thatís missions focus around combat and peace keeping rather than exploring, we a new sim, ready to start our first mission but we need players. Or Task force is neck deep in the aftermath of the Huberis Event (the Destruction of Romulus and Remus in the NuTrek Movie)

This sim uses a forum based style instead of the standard email based, check out the Forum at\USSMidway.

If this sounds like a sim you like to be apart of contact me at [COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR] or just register on the board and send me a PM of the position you want, there is a list of the open positions posted but they include, Chief Engineer, Chief Tactical/Security, Chief Science, Chief Medical, Wing Commander and Marine combat operations Commander.
Come join the fight...


Lt. Colonel Kainen
Commanding Officer
USS Midway
Task Fore 86
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