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Except the distance to travel and the why they would. Also, there's the lack of evidence. So it's not impossible to believe, but it is more difficult to believe. Maybe we're the apes that teach the other apes rather than vice versa.
Oh, I was kinda sarcastic about the “not more difficult to believe” part. My point was that the incredible human achievements seem, the more unlikely alien help is. If it is so difficult to believe that humans did what they did alone, then it is even more difficult to believe that there would be aliens doing all these same things waiting for us at every corner.

Of course, people here made the argument that after it has happened once they would spread throughout the galaxy in no time, which kinda makes it more likely to have them next door, but... um, if it is so difficult to believe that humans built something as unsophisticated as the pyramids, then the closest space-faring aliens could ever be would be in the next galaxy or cluster of galaxies, damn it.

P.S. Given how well contacts between cultures remote in their development and civility have gone on Earth, I'd be tremendously surprised if any alien attempts to teach us anything had any success beyond speeding up a lesson or two, and giving them a headache.
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