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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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I'm with you, Teacake, on the "don't breed with Chakotay" thing. The J/Cers out there are already going flaky over the book; that would be the death knell for rational Trek board postings for weeks.
I don't think it would be a "death knell" per se, but it would definitely result in a lot of super-happy posters from the J/C side.


Honestly, I don't know how I feel about the whole "J/C breeding" thing. I'm happy for them to be together and happy in their relationship, but I would hope that it's a few books before we get a little "angry warrior" running around on Voyager. But judging by the trend with current Trek couples (Riker/Troi, Picard/Crusher), if J&C tie the knot it won't be long before a little bundle of joy follows.

But as for breed Janeway with whom? My question -- why breed with anyone? Some women are allowed to just have a career, you know. That said, if I see Janeway with anyone it'd have to be Picard. Equals, and all that. Plus there'd be the dinner conversations -- "remember our days in the Collective?" or "Which Quadrant of the universe do you prefer, or are you more into timeline divergences?" or "What was YOUR favourite alien possession, hun?" ... the possibilities are endless.
Janeway does seem to be the independent type, though I wouldn't take her out of contention for pairing up with someone. In the series she mentions on more than one occasion that she would like to have children.

Janeway/Picard? How very intriguing. I expect many tea/coffee debates to ensue

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But as for breed Janeway with whom? My question -- why breed with anyone? Some women are allowed to just have a career, you know.
Because Janeway's and 7's baby would be soooo beautiful and probably grow up and take over the Collective as an auburn haired Borg Empress. After hunting down and eviscerating the Threshold babies to avenge her mother.
Though I'm not a J/7 shipper, that idea is rather intriguing. And the idea of an auburn haired Borg Empress is just badass.
J/7 is about as "intriguing" as KJ "breeding" with her command chair and makes about as much sense.

As for her "breeding" with Chuckles, it's worth noting that neither Crusher or Troi are leading a fleet.

That's not to say she wouldn't be able to do both, she is KJ after all, but I would guess she needs time to recover from....I dunno....being made queen of a race of cyborg vampire zombies. In any case, she already popped-out on of Chak's kids in an alternate universe.
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