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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Defcon wrote: View Post
Finished the novel last night and IMO it's definitely weaker than the last novel. I haven't voted yet, since at the moment I'm not clear yet if I should give it an average or above average, the tendency is strongly going toward average, though.

My main problem is that I feel that the series status quo is a lot less interesting after the events of TET than it was after CotS. Almost everything of the good work done in the last few novels has been undone to pretty much return the series as near to TV series Status quo than possible.

Another thing is that I don't see yet is why it was necessary to bring back Janeway beyond her role in this novel, if all she does is pretty much swapping back places with Eden. I actually think the more interesting move (if you feel the need to return Janeway to the living) would have been to have both Eden and Janeway around.

Anyway, to make it short: A little disappoinment after the great CotS. But Kirsten Beyer undoubtedly is a talented author, and I will definitely check out her next Voyager novel if/when it comes out.
Tirius wrote: View Post
Thank you Defcon for putting into words what I failed to do.

Nothing against the premise of the story, but with the exit of Eden and over half the fleet I too feel we've lost too much of the "Full Circle Project" concept and associated characters that I so enjoyed. I'd rather have seen a further exploration of Eden's character before we got to this point and am hoping we will not end up with Janeway just taking over Eden's place - the character deserves better than to be remembered as the one who "kept Janeway's seat warm".

I think Kirsten Beyer made a good effort with what she had to work with though. Being handed the task to bring back Janeway is something I wouldn't have wished on anyone, given what there was to work with and the obvious controversy of the subject among fans. So I too am still looking forward to the next book, to see where the story goes next.
Yeah, I'm not too happy about the whole reset button premise of this thing. I was kind of hoping Janeway would stay dead because it makes Star Trek more mature that actually deal with the death of a main character, but this just comes off as treating death like a minor temporary annoyance which I find kind of insulting.

And yes, I would feel the same way if they went through this with another Trek captain.

Well at least DS9 isn't (hopefully) letting me down in this area.
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