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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Um, Singer ISN'T doing a film with the original cast this is another reboot.
How many reboots do we need? I don't think we want too many retellings and new interpretations of the same old story. Of the two series the second one was more successful as it lasted 7 seasons, the original barely lasted one season, and I think their characters are not fully developed. For instance one of the characters is simply named Apollo and the other Starbuck, I guess they don't have last names in the original series, and it was never spelled out just how long a centon was either.
<Scratches head>7 Seasons? 4 Seasons of NuBSG, 1 Season of Caprica, where are you getting two more seasons from?
I must have been thinking of Star Trek the Next Generation, your right, Battlestar Galactica had 4 seasons, but the fact that they split up those seasons made it seem like more. Battlestar Galactica was more successful than the original series, and more importantly, it came to a natural end, rather than have the network pull the plug and have it automatically go into reruns as occured in the 1970s series. I really hated it when they did it that way. I didn't like it when they did that to Buck Rogers in the 25th century either, they start something and then they don't finish it, that was a grand old 1970s science fiction tradition, they didn't believe much in finishing anything. The Original Star Trek didn't finish either.
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