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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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If she does survive to be a shadowy protector of Lil'Leia, she could have a touching death sacrificing herself to save Leia's life from a Dark Sider, dying mere feet away from Leia who never even knew anything was going on, and her final moment is looking across at Leia walking away, oblivious and safe.

Final episode of "The Dark Times" tv show (now cgi)..... Leia has just led a daring raid to capture the plans of the dreaded Death Star. Unbeknown to our heroes, Pappy Vader is on the trail, about to slice and dice.... when Ahsoka comes propelling down from the ceiling (all Sting like from WCW days) to take on her former Master. Her heroic sacrifice allows a clueless Leia and the gang to escape on the Rebel Blockade runner and plop the plans into a certain R2 unit..... fade out to Episode IV.....
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