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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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Anyway, I just watched the ep Earth and am so creeped out I feel like having a shower. Having sex in someone else's body?! Are there NO guidelines to what you do when using this form of communication? Bad enough to get drunk.. but geezus.
Is this the one where Young is having sex with his ex and Telford accidentally finds himself back in his body mid-intercourse? If so, I loved that. It was one of the funniest, kinkiest and most memorable sex scenes ever.

The arguments made against conjugal visits makes sense, but I enjoyed their inclusion none the less.

By the way, here's the kinosode where a volunteer talks about giving consent for others to use her body...

I especially like how the ending was written, given how Eli feels about Chloe.
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