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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

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I'm probably gonna have to go into Witness Protection for saying this, but Beckett's actually one of my least favorite characters on the show. I like Castle, Alexis, Martha, Ryan and Esposito more than I like Beckett.

I'm not saying I dislike Stana Katic's acting; I think she's fine. I'm just not really into Beckett that much.
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No problem.. everyone's entitled to their opinion. I find it only curious how someone can watch a show where they dislike one of the leads.

I once saw a talk show appearance by Stana where they talked about her heritage.. her parents are from the Balkans (in Europe.. Croats, Serbs, Bosnians) and he asked her to swear in that language.. and boy did she. They bleeped out the whole thing but being a Bosnian myself i could read lips pretty well and she really let loose

Cast pics are awesome.. as always. These ones too though my favorites are still the ones from season 4's The Blue Butterfly.. everyone in 1920's style and Stana looked especially gorgeous.

About them breaking up.. Marlowe is on record saying he will not do that because they think a relationship has enough potential for drama and fun and they want to exploit that to the fullest... couldn't agree more. He also said at one point that he considers Castle to be a love story first and not a cop show.. seems like Marlowe is a shipper too
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