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Re: DS9's growing popularity

Crossover will never be an excellent episode to me. That's one of the very few episodes I have no desire to rewatch. The other mirror episodes were alright, but for some reason, that one is a no-no for me. I guess I can understand how people might not have liked the Bajorans, even though I liked them. For me, it was Kira that was a little hard to take until she settled in, but even then it was understandable why she was the way she was during the first season. Perhaps it was the religious aspect that was the turn off. That's my suspicion.

I think the lack of exploration might also be tied to the series being more serialized. TNG was more episodic, very much so, during its first season where this week the crew comes across some nebula thing, and the next week it's a new planet. When the exploration has more to do with people exploring themselves and each other in one place, you kind of have to know what's been happening to be able to fully appreciate that, so I guess that might be it.

I thought Worf was a great addition to DS9, and I liked the fact that he didn't take over. Sometimes that happens, and it's good that it didn't happen here; he just fit in (to me). It's sad to hear about VOY's fan response, but I've always believed that people should be able to say what they think. And certainly what was probably an online minority couldn't have hurt the show, could it?

Thank you for the response and your insights.
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