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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Finished Shards and Shadows. Now I do have a question. I see that the next book is Sorrows of the Empire. This one was already included in the first book, Glass Empires. Is it worth buying it? It is an expanded book, as I suspect or the same story in a single compact format?
It's called The Sorrows of Empire, actually, and the standalone version is more than twice as long as the original version.

Also, as I understand Rise like Lions is the final book in the Mirror Universe series (for now, I hope). Are there any other books that are connected to the series besides the 3 compilations (Glass Empires, Obsidian Alliances and Shards and Shadows)? I would like to read them all before going for Rise like Lions.
There's a Mirror Universe arc in the Deep Space Nine novels that leads into this, incorporating Bajor: Fragments and Omens (in Worlds of Deep Space Nine Volume 2), Warpath, Fearful Symmetry, and The Soul Key.
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