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Re: Columbia - Suggestions please...

January through May 2155 the proper space trials and shakedown of the ship, the crew getting to know one another, and all temporary crew personnel swapped out for their permanent counterparts.

Columbia escorting ships and diplomats to Earth for Coalition talks ala Journey to Babel, only less civilised and more crampt.

July 2155 to March 2156 any number of engagements of the Romulan War, the tension between the Columbia crew and their marine detachment, covert ops to Coalition worlds for support or to the battle front to help defend colonies and stations as Enterprise did, but picking some lesser known areas of space and races to write about.

All the while building up the unique attributes of the Columbia crew we didn't get to see in Destiny, some attributes of the ship that set her apart from Enterprise, their part in sending back info the Corps of Engineers on the development of the NX-03 and NX-04.
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