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Columbia - Suggestions please...

A few of you know I've been working on writing a NX Columbia fic for a while now, incorporating a few of my favorite characters into a crossover style fic and working along the premise of the NX Columbia's missions...

Now, I'm just finishing up the 'pilot', so to speak, with the Columbia leaving earth with their compliment of crew... I'll be trying to stick as close to canon as possible with this, so here are the dates i've got so far...

November 30th, 2154 - Columbia was launched

December 21st, 2154 - Columbia assists Enterprise in the recovery of Doctor Phlox and helps the Klingons with the Augment virus. Chief Engineer Tucker returns to the Enterprise.

May 2155 - Columbia is ordered to protect the shipping lines of the Coalition of Planets after attacks by Klingon ships, after defending several attacks, they discover the Klingon ships are being manned by Romulans.

July 2155 - Columbia defends Alpha Centauri from a 'Vulcan' attack, learning that the Vulcan ships are crewed by Romulans again. During the attack, Columbia takes heavy damage, including their communications array, leading Earth to believe they had been destroyed by the Romulan's until Enterprise is dispatched to investigate the possibility, and finds Columbia heading back to earth on minimal power.

March 2156 - While escorting a mining convoy from the Onias Sector, the Columbia was attacked by a group of Romulan starships. The Romulans used their telecapture system to take control of the Columbia and use her to destroy the convoy. The crew of the Columbia then faked a self destruct by detonating a photonic torpedo simultaneously with a brief warp jump. The close explosion of the torpedo fractured their warp core, leaving them stuck with only impulse engines. Captain Hernandez ordered the ship to set course for a planet that long-range scans picked up. In order to get to the planet without warp drive the Columbia pushed her impulse engines to the highest possible sub-light speeds, which caused Columbia to experience the effects of relative time dilation, arriving at the planet in 2168 though only 63 days had passed aboard ship.

March 2156 - Starfleet officially marks Columbia has been destroyed with the loss of all hands.

So, that covers the canon dates and missions for the Columbia, but leaves quite a bit of time for missions, first contact scenarios, character growth and exploration...

So, my question is this... I'm sure a few of you out there have some ideas of what sort of missions you'd like the Columbia to undertake... perhaps dealing with the Romulan war, or tying up some loose ends that Enterprise storylines left open... There's always new races and canon species from Enterprise and TOS to explore...

One I was going to explore was the Caitain, one of my favourite ST species, as we know they were a member of the Federation as early back as 2269, and officially entered the Federation in 2249. So having the Columbia find a Caitain slave under an Orion mission would fit within the 'first contact' scenario, as the Caitain's were introduced to the Federation by the Orion's and Ferengi, according to Starfleet Operations Manual anyway...

So... Does anyone have any suggestions for story arcs for me to explore with the Columbia crew? Either dealing with canon events / species, or some other ideas you have? I'd love to hear them and incorporate the ideas into my fic

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