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Re: Was there ever a planet, where u said... "Surely that's good enoug

The crew would not have named places after each other. Janeway would have used names of great scientists and there certainly would have been a Da Vinci Ville. Chakotay would be throwing around the Native American nomenclature and there would be many sappy stories about his ancestors and why this hump of hill needed to be named after some hump of hill they had settled on.

Kim would have lobbied to name a river Libby but after being shouted down would have named the river after his mother.

7 would ascribe numbers to all surveyed areas and insist on referring to those areas that way even after they had names.

The 37's world was insanely doable without a whole lot left to do. But maybe they weren't ready to give up until season 6 or so.

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