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Is there a chance he could be rehabilitated, say, like Garth of Izar? Yes. Should they take the risk? Yes, because as Kirk once said "Risk is our business".
And yet Garth managed to kill more people after his incarceration.

"You're too close to the singularity to survive without assistance which we are willing to provide."

Nero was no longer a threat.
How can you be so sure? He'd declared war, and became a casualty of that war.

Sisko was in the middle of a war and did something that obviously was very difficult for him. I didn't approve of his actions at the time and I still don't. Lying to get someone involved in a war lead to the Iraq war. If Sisko had no problem with what he did, why keep it secret? Because he knew what he did could blow up in his face and make the Romulans turn to the Dominion after all. It was a gamble based on desperation.

What McCoy did for his father was to end his suffering. he did it out of love.
He broke his Hippocratic Oath. And then, to make it seem even worse, a cure was found.

I'm still not seeing much difference. You are criticizing ST 2009 when the Prime timeline has plenty of moral dilemmas and no-win scenarios of its own.

At the time it felt like the right thing to do. It still does but there's always a nagging question in the back of your mind.
And yet you seem convinced that neither Kirk nor Spock will have self-doubt about their actions. We haven't seen Part 2 yet.
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