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I can't watch Enterprise anymore...

I recently started watching Enterprise on Netflix. The first couple of seasons weren't too bad, though it's been a bit slow moving and I dislike the direction they took the Vulcans. I'd read reviews that indicated the story really picks up in season 3, so I was looking forward to that.

I'm halfway through S3 and I've come to a point where I have no respect for any of the characters any more.

Sure, there were some moral issues with some previous episodes, like Dear Doctor and Similtude, where the characters didn't really question much about killing sentient beings if it served there purpose. But as the show went on, Archer is becoming increasingly violent and single-minded about the Xindi.

Once, Archer tortured a man for information by putting him in an airlock and decompressing it. In "Carpenter Street" he hit a man while trying to interrogate him, and T'Pol didn't even find that illogical. She went along with it. When he captured Degra, he pulled an elaborate scheme to try to trick him into revealing information, then wipes his memory.

Archer is so focused on getting this Xindi weapon he doesn't seem to realize the obvious fact that even if he destroys one weapon, they can always build another. But he doesn't even try to negotiate with them or convince them that humans can be trusted. He assumes the worst all the time.

Now I'm watching "Damage" and it looks like they are going to pirate a ship of innocent people who sent out a distress call because they needed help. Archer is so self-serving, he thinks he's out to save the world, his mission is so important that his needs supercede all others, and the troubles they've had in the expanse have created a situation where they now have no choice but to hurt others, because its all for the greater good. (barf)

If this mission was so important and so difficult that they couldn't handle it, another starship could have gone with them to provide greater resources. Or Archer could consider trying to make friends with some of these aliens they come across instead of whining about how hostile everyone is when he is the same way. Or time traveler Daniels could find a different way to help them on their mission, but he comes across as a bit sketchy himself. But I don't want to finish the episode "Damage" if it means they are going to prey upon innocent victims.

Star Trek, to me, has always been about peaceful missions and displaying the best of humanity. The other shows are set in a time when problems like war and poverty have been resolved (at least internally), and we see people being able to work out their differences for a real greater good. But I don't see that here with Archer and his crew. They are downright barbaric compared with Picard, for instance. This just isn't Star Trek to me.

Now that I'm done ranting, can someone explain why I should keep watching Enterprise?
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