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Suppose this appeared in Star Trek

A single seat fighter with quantum flux warp engines, shields, phaser cannons, and quantum flux torpedoes, top speed is warp 9.8. The quantum flux engines use a zero point energy cell that needs to be replaced after 24 hours of usage, this cell is not rechargable. The ship requires no antimatter to operate.

What Star Trek time period would this likely appear in?
Agree with Albertese. 25th or 26th century although maybe as early as 24th century in the TNG-continuity.

"Quantum"-named weaponry only start to appear in late 23rd century. ZPEs unheard of AFAIK in TNG-continuity.

A fighter as you described would have a maximum range of 50 LY on one 24 hour ZPE in the TNG continuity. (Warp 9.9 = 21,000c from "The 37's".
Yep, and for exploration purposes, they would be based on carrier starships, it is those carrier starships that would service these fighters and replace the Zero Point Energy Cells, the main reason is that antimatter storage is bulky and there is the matter of radiation shielding at such a small scale, and while Zero Point Energy Cells are more expensive, they allow greater miniaturization and greater warp potential for such a small starship. Another possible use for this fighter is as a time machine, by conducting the sling shot maneuver around a star for instance, its greater computer processing power allows for more accurate and less risky time warp calculations, there is still some risk in these, but as it is only a one-person starship, the risk to crew is minimized. Time traveling warp fighters also have cloaking devices, as they have no onboard transporters, so the ship has to be physically landed on a planet's surface, and then hidden by a cloaking device so it is not discovered by downtime natives.
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