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And none can stand the test of time....the pyramids of egypt, south america, etc...they've been abandoned for thousands of years and they are still there....and they have impressive mathematical measures and properties. All our modern stuff would be destoyed by nature in a very short time if abandoned. Plus they are no way as close in magitude as the ancient structures artitect or engineer could make any of them today.
the ancient structures are rigid amalagamations of rock, their surfaces degraded. built by ramps and slave labor for some made up purpose by a self-deluded religious elite who needed to fill their egos, the scientists and engineers of that day, slaves to an evil machine work out new ways to create, yet the gained knowledge is lost is when that civilization is no more

dams, bridges and skyscrapers are works of true purpose, they provide electricity and passage to new lands, they provide living space and storage for economic need. sometimes filling their builders ego when they increase the construction and design to beat their neighbor. their engineering is magnificent on its own, yet so dull because it is experienced and utilized every day

i would imagine structures like the burg kalifa in that desert and many other large concrete structure's will remain after a few thousand years, degraded yes, but still there standing like monoliths in a wilderness, striking wonder in a foreign travelers path
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