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Re: Here come the 4K tellies

In the next, next, generation of HD TVs scientists can actually use electron microscopes in order to study the covalent bonds int he water molecules in the beads of sweat in the brow of a politician!

Seriously, at some point we're going to hit a wall where the finer detail is pointless because it's more detail than can be seen with the human eye. I suspect we're nearing there as it is. Sure there are plenty of times even on HDTV where details are still blurry or muddy but sooner or later we'll reach digitally the limits of what was captured originally on film. Then, say, we upgrade to these super-HD cameras and then we'll reach the limits of even what the human eye can see without aid.

Sure, maybe, someday a video recording of someone will allow the use of microscopes or whatever to study infinitely small details on a recording but what's the point in that?
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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