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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just finished this novel today at lunch and I have to say...

That was a disappointing ending.

White-Blue, one of the best characters I was looking forward to seeing more done with was 86ed and basically entered into a B-4 situation. (There's a window open just in case or something...)

Tuvok lost the Ecosculpting Knowledge... and all the tension built-up over time in regards to it's impact on the Federation moving forward went with it.

Andorians are being abducted and duplicated as well as brainwashed by the Tholians... Really?


This book was a let down, not because it was total crap, but rather because it showed signs of promise (as did Seize the Fire) which then WENT NOWHERE! (and was rather poorly executed.)

No more Martin books for me. They're too painful. It's too painful to approach great ideas with lackluster follow-through that only ever seems to end in failure and disappointment.

If Beyer's next Voyager Novel and Mack's TNG trilogy weren't on the way out/already out, I think I'd be really bummed by this.

Someone call somebody and get this Martin-Solo-On-Titan situation fixed, it's going to kill the series otherwise.
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