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Re: NHL Offseason

Would it be a safe bet that there will be no NHL hockey this season?

Talks, if you can call a handful of one to two hour meetings talks, have ended with no further meetings scheduled.

Billionaire owners and millionaire players whining about money doesn't exactly elicit any sympathy. Even less when you consider all the people, that don't make millions, working in the arenas that will be out of work and then there are all the players in Europe that will lose their spots when the NHLers go over to Europe to play as they've already stated they'll do.

You know, if the players did something decent, like charity games here in NA instead of taking jobs away from others, then maybe they'd earn some small measure of respect but most people I've talked to could care less if there's no season.

What I wouldn't mind seeing is the league shutting down for a season, maybe two, all that money lost, the league contracting due to the loses and gee, guess what? The owners lose and the players lose because with fewer teams there will be fewer jobs and they'll have done it to themselves. Oh, and I'd like to see the owners wise up and fire Bettman. This will be the third time under his tenure and the NHL is the only professional sport to have ever lost an entire season.
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