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Re: 3D TOS Shuttlecraft...

Okay, it's been a pain, but now we've got something and I'm feeling better about moving forward. Although still flawed I think this is much better than before.

What you see here is the lower hull with the stabilizer rim in place, but not the stabilizers yet.

Something notable in the underside view. The leading edge is curved, but on the full-size mock-up while the heading edge is also curved the sloping underside is flat. it looks odd when you see it, but I can see where they made it that way for ease of construction and because it's a detail that wouldn't be noticeable onscreen. But when I drew the plans I drew that forward part of the underside as a compound curve to match up with the curved leading edge. The consequence of that, though, is how it complicates construction when trying to match it up smoothly with sides that angle inward as well as tapered toward the front. Also the edge where the sides and bottom intersect is round. The final complication is that the edge round at the aft end is a greater radius than at the bow and it's a slightly different curvature.

Fun I can tell you. We're I doing this from scratch I'd go for a little more consistency.
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