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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

It's a far wiser act than abandoning the city to others, which is what she did with Astapor (with pretty terrible results).
I think it remains to be seen whether the people of Meereen are going to be better off with a dragon queen than those of Astapor were without one.
er reasons for going to Westeros at this point are largely theorectical, when you get down to it - my ancestors held this, so I should, too. It's something we readers really want because it'd immediately connect Dany's narrative to the rest of the novel series (and Martin's grounded pseudo-English Westeros is a lot better to read about than his Orientalism-laden stereotypes), but that doesn't make it automatically the best course for her. It's a land she has entirely secondhand information about and so far no concrete evidence she'd get any kind of support. Abandoning a bird in hand for two on a bush and all that.
I don't care whether Daenerys ever goes to Westeros, actually, provided her story is interesting wherever it takes her, as (for me) the Slaver's Bay arc has been. I think it was a mistake for her to stay in Meereen because she doesn't have the right temperament to rule there well. Even the minimal concessions she's willing to make to the customs of her new subjects are so upsetting that she can't take the steps that would be needed to actually secure her throne. The culture of Meereen bothers her so much that all she wants to do is fix it, but as Barristan says in one of his few moments of insight and candor, you can't force people to be better (by your alien social ideals) than they are.

One of the going fan theories is that Jon will die and be resurrected (probably by Melisandre, in the same manner Thoros resurrected Beric), and that with his "death" his watch will end and he'll be released from his vows. I don't like the idea, but I wouldn't rule it out as an argument someone in the text might make.
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