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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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"Stone sex" as it became known didn't really go over too well around here, either. To make matters worse, the webisodes establish that the people on Earth who volunteer for stone swaps sign forms giving consent for the person they switch with to have sex while in their body.

My main problem is that the spouses/partners of these people are actually okay with having sex with a stranger who just happens to claim to be their significant other.
None of it makes any sense, unless it was a kink option to swap bodies and everyone agreed that's what was going on. As it is I think the use of the stones to flesh out the characters never really works. Being able to see them on earth dealing with closure issues guts the tension of them being trapped galaxies away from home. You go from it being a survival story to the usual dribble about people's daddy issues or love life.

It's also awkward to watch as they seem to flit back and forth in showing you the character and the body inhabited.

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