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Elements of the movie were not to my taste. Apparently you require someone to fully accept the entirety of a movie or they cannot consider themselves a fan.
When did I say that?

Star Trek is not about killing. It's not about vengeance. It's not about revenge. It's about hope. It's about humanity growing up to be better than we are. About not giving in to our base emotions and our fears.
But not every character does this every time. We have seen all of the characters taking dark actions. McCoy - a doctor - having killed his own father. Kirk kicking a Klingon into a volcano. Worf assassinating the killer of his son's mother. Sisko thrusting the Romulans into the Dominion War. Janeway doing a deal with her future self to get home early. And so on.

You have no problem with Kirk killing Nero while he was helpless.
And if Kirk spared Nero... and he started his killing spree all over again...?

it's nice to see them try.
He did. The offer was rejected. How is this different to kicking Kruge into the volcano? Nero caused more damage than Kruge.
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