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Re: A Warp Fighter

It would be interesting to see warp (and then later transwarp/slipstream) drives after the 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th centuries *finally* powered by something other than the same matter/antimatter technology. 300 years with any progress is a looong time. Maybe ZPE...but there would have to be some trade-off...and some plausible reason why ZPE is worth it over other forms of power generation/storage.*

(Since anti-matter would take so much energy to produce - probably it would take exactly as much to make as your would get out of it..and then not to mention a hell of a lot to store it safely - it's really more of a way to *store* vast amounts of energy rather than to generate it. Unless Starfleet has discovered a natural source of antimatter that is relatively easily harvested...or some magic way of turning matter particles into antimatter particles...)

Well the Romulans use forced quantum singularities...maybe there is something too those as a replacement for m/am reactors...? (It *is* nice to see that not EVERY race in Trek uses the *exact* same technology to achieve warp and FTL...
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