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Re: Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D to ABC!

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"Daredevil" will be reverting back to Marvel in October. That's pretty much established. Joe Carnahan's pitch was Fox's last ditch effort to find someone.
Yep, that's probably the case, but I don't like to say things are certain until they actually happen, or get definitively announced as being about to happen. The thing about high-probability events is that there's still a small but nonzero probability that something else could happen instead.

I'm sure CorporalCaptain is referring to the popular fan theory that Coulson will be resurrected as the Vision rumours that have surfaced since the "Avengers", unless there are new rumours that I'm not aware of regarding how Coulson could return.
I don't know about CC, but I'm not talking about any rumors. I'm talking about what I was thinking when I actually saw the film for the first time. I was thinking:

a) We didn't actually see the moment of his death, just heard about it, and that's a classic get-out-of-death loophole going all the way back to Sherlock Holmes.

b) Fury faked the blood on the trading cards, so we know he was willing to use deceit to motivate the heroes by giving them something to avenge (as Coulson was trying to say in his last line).

c) The whole sequence of events seemed tailor-made to conform to what audiences have come to expect from Whedon (i.e. that he kills our darlings), and I figured that Whedon wouldn't want to be so predictable. So I was thinking that maybe he was deliberately playing with our expectations, making us think he'd killed Coulson and then subverting our expectations by having it turn out to be a trick.

(Although I now know differently; see below.)

Revealing that Coulson is alive would defeat the purpose of his death being the catalyst for uniting the team. Joss would not have done that.
Well, first off, the team's united now, and I don't think they'd abandon that unity if they learned Phil was still alive. Sure, they'd be mad at Fury for manipulating them, but that's nothing new. Second, as I said above, we know for a fact that Fury did trick them to some extent, so it would really be a difference of degree.

And third, it actually wasn't Whedon's idea to kill Coulson. That decision was made before he was even brought aboard. So while it looks just like the sort of thing we'd expect of him, it didn't come from him.

But I agree, it would be problematical to bring him back in a separate work. That does kind of seem like cheating. I'd be willing to forgive it if we got more Coulson out of it, though. And yeah, I'd want him to be Coulson, not the Vision.

But Whedon has said this project would be "autonomous" from the movies, so it probably won't feature any of the films' characters.
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