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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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As much as we like to think the Internet is essential, it is not. It's not a right, like health care is.
Health care is a right?
A lot of countries on this planet give you access to health care if you can AFFORD it - otherwise you have to steer clear of it unless you want to be charged ludicrous prices (to that end, how many people were admitted in US into the ER and 'saved from death' only to find themselves with a medical bill they cannot hope to pay off... ever?).

Here's what I would constitute as 'rights':
Free and unrestricted access to basic necessities:
Clean air, clean water, food, shelter/housing, electricity, transport, education, health care, and basic technological amenities (a decent computer system and internet) - all of those (and most wants) can be provided in abundance several times over for every person on this planet.

Internet is a huge part of global communications today.
So yes, I could easily classify it as 'essential'.
But not in a business or profit based sense.
More to the point that there's an immense potential in its usage for extremely high levels of automation (in terms of economy), coordination, sharing ideas, etc. (of which the latter is used rather well).

Oh and Alidar Jarok... my apologies if I was a bit insulting - wasn't my intention. I should have structured the first sentence a bit better, however, it was correct in a sense that the bandwidth issue is a technical problem which we can easily overcome with proper maintenance and upgrades - but even without them, they ARE artificially limiting users not because they lack the space, but because they figured they can cap numerous services due to a lack of competition and charge you hefty price tags.
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