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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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Bandwidth is a limited resource. McDonald's isn't charging you for the internet, but that doesn't mean it's free (they pay for your use). Basically, cost is a way of rationing it because, otherwise, we would run out of bandwidth. And, while ground lines are getting cheaper, we're pretty close to hitting a ceiling when it comes to airborne internet (e.g., the kind on your smart phone). We're literally running out of usable radiation. So rather than things constantly improving, we may have hit a peak of unlimited internet that will be scaled back to the point where we can look to right now as the golden age of internet usage.
My apologies, but that is the biggest load of garbage.
There is more than enough bandwidth to go around.
ISP's don't upgrade their networks, nor are they using the best possible technology we can muster.
In fact... big ISP's are actually trying to acquire as many frequencies as possible in order to prevent competition (which is only good for possibly lowering prices in a Capitalist environment - but it doesn't promote technological progress - cooperation does).

Cost efficiency has NOTHING to do with resources or technological ability/efficiency because companies use things that are 'economically viable' (translation - cheap enough for them, so they can overcharge the consumer).
They also use cheap means of production - even though we had superior materials and technology at our disposal for quite some time to do all of it in a timely manner, efficiently, with little to NO damage to the environment.

Capitalism isn't interested in efficiency... its the opposite.
Because, if we are actually designing things to be durable, upgradeable, and easily recycle-able with best technology and efficiency known to man (in a sustainable capacity) - then profits would plummet.

Bottom line is: we have more than enough resources and technology to make internet hundreds of times faster, wireless, near 100% reliable, and accessible to the ENTIRE global population (several times over no less) - that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Resources and technology aren't the problem... they never are... money on the other hand (and the idiotic notion of 'cost' and 'value'), is.
I think you'll find some ISP's do upgrade the network. i.e in the UK, BT who own and operate the bulk of the telephone network are in the process of upgrading the network to support faster speeds. (True they are one of many ISP's in the country)
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