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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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Yeah, that might have been something. The good thing about the TOS films was that they dared to do things differently. Killed Spock, gave Kirk a son, destroyed the Enterprise, killed Kirk's son, a whole film without the Enterprise.
This. Not to mention that, in addition to taking chances, they were willing to do different types of stories. Compare TMP, TWOK, and TVH for example. Three very, very different types of stories. From more "hard sci-fi" to action/adventure space opera to comedy. All of which TNG did on TV. But when it came to the movies, they wanted it to be cookie cutter.

Oh, sure, Insurrection was played lighter than First Contact. But all four movies still try to follow that basic cookie cutter action/adventure format with the bad guy, the big action sequences, etc. None really dares to do a story about exploration or a scientific mystery or even just a straight-up comedy. And I think it was to the TNG films' detriment.
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