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Re: 50TH Anniversary rumor

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Well Smiths the main doctor now, so he'll be in it for sure. Ok, if you don't think Pual and David will return, who else is there? Ecclesten will not return, that's fairly odvious (there may be hope, but I highly doubt it). Mcoy could come back. Apart from that, it's only Pual and David who have not aged to badly. They may add davidson, I hope against it and doubt it though.

Also, I have a feeling John Barrowman will return, he may not, but seeing he's become a big part of the modern doctor who mythos, I think he'll return.
I just watched Time Crash again, and I'm not seeing all these wrinkles you're talking about. His face is a bit fuller, and hair is a bit thinner, but, little change other than that. Where are you getting all these wrinkles from? It's been 28 years since Davison was the Doctor and he's barely changed, you will be very lucky to change so little in the next 28 years

Also, multiple Doctors and Companions are only Fan Guesses/hopes. There is no confirmation of this. There may not be any returning Doctors or Companions.
Ok, I admit he has aged really well, but he still looks a bit too old for my taste. The fith doctor I know and love (ok, not much, not much at all) had bushy blonds hair, not thin whitish blondish hair. And you can just plainly tell he's aged. Besides, he returned once. Mcgann, Tennant, Smith, and Mcoy or Ecclesten would make it work. besides, maybe just Smith Tennant and Mcgann are ennougth. Also, read my prvious thread
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