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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

I got a playoff invoice in the mail last week from the Orioles horray! I sure hope i can afford to go tho! Right now I dont have 9 dollars for a ticket to a inexpensive seat at a game, so i am pretty sure I won't be able to pay for the increased cost playoff ones. I would have gone to so many more games this year but people only have so much money to spend on entertainment, and since every game is on tV in HD, and you dont have to drive downtown and pay for the gas, tunnel, parking, food and other random stuff like batting helmets for the children its just too much. I mean the cheapest seat in the upper deck is 9 dollars!

I mean i've loved the orioles as long as I can remember watching them back in 1988 when i was 5 or so. and I really need food and shelter and to pay my car insurance over a baseball game. That being said I still attended 3 games already this season against the Tigers and Twins. I also against my better reasoning went last Sunday against the Jays but thunderstorms came all day and after waiting around and wandering around Camden Yards for 3 hours waiting for it to stop it was cancled.
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