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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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I never understand this argument. There will hardly be anyone out there who doesn't know that Star Trek is a major franchise (and had been for some 30 years at that point), with many tv series and films already out there. So you would expect there to be a larger universe out there in which this movie takes place (on a side note, that's one of the reasons watching First Contact was a catalyst for me to start watching the tv shows). I agree that the movie shouldn't just be another installment in a larger arc, but why couldn't the general backdrop of the Trekverse at that point be used? Why not make the Dominion war an extra factor in the necessity to get whatever medical mcguffin they were looking for? After all, they do already mention it, iirc. Surely audiences can handle a bit of background.
I don't mind some tie-ins, and the amount they did was just about perfect. A character here or there who could exist without backstory and not disrupt the story (Admiral Janeway, the EMH, Barclay, etc.).

I just don't think it's necessary to potentially lose people because of the fan desire to tie it all in. Sure, everyone knows the film is part of a larger franchise, but what about those audience members who finish the film and wonder about the outcome of the war that was mentioned, the people who don't want to watch DS9? The TNG films should exist on their own, with their own stories and problems and not be dependant on a storyline from another show. People shouldn't have to ask their Trekkie friends if they need to watch something else before they see the newest film.

It's easier to have these references at the time of release, but as time goes on, DS9 fades into memory and now a movie is tied to a show that is no longer in production and barely rerun. Nah.

What Insurrection needed was a better story, not Deep Space Nine crossovers.
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