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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Yeah, there's Dany, there's the one who has returned with 'Griff' and potentially Jon.

While Dany and Jon are both decent and probably more deserving than most of the other candidates and the new guy also seems, according to Varys, to have been properly equipped and trained for the role, I must admit that I'd be disappointed if the throne ultimately simply reverts back to the Targareans - who did deserve to be deposed, even if Rhaegar may have turned out to be a great King.
Maybe the seven kingdoms will break back up into their constituent parts?

Right now - the other claimants are faltering.
1. Stannis is just too unyielding and lacks money + support.
2. Tommen might seem somewhat secure, but the oblivion to what is actually happening will get the boy on the Iron Throne I think.
3. The Iron Born's plan to become a major player hinges on Dany marrying a Greyjoy.

Right now it seems that the stage is set for a T to sweep in on the back of a dragon, but things may change.

Of course maybe the white walkers will just kill everyone, and it won't matter. A big theme of the books seems to be petty lords squabbling over a chair when cold white death is stalking in from the North.
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