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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Therefore, she may have the right, but her path seems to lead nowhere in terms of the kingdom. (Plus, every time she rags on Ned, she loses a point in my book.
Ned Stark is a man she's never met, who she knows about mostly because he's partly responsible for the annihilation of her entire family, the dynastic massacre that took her father, brother, and smashed the skull of her infant nephew. As far as she knows she's got no family left. She doesn't have as informed a perspective on Ned as the reader does but her opinion of him is perfectly reasonable considering what she knows and who she is.

Oh I get why she hates Ned, and I don't truly hold it against her. All she knows was passed on to her by Viserys, and I am sure he told quite the tale. But, I like to unreasonably hate her every now and again for it. I liked dear old dead Ned. Granted he was something of an honor bound idiot, but he had good reasons to help bring down House T.

I think the books will have House T rise again, but I could be wrong.

If Jon is a T, and the kid claiming to be Aegon is not a fabulous fake...That would mean that there are 3 Targeryn claimants to the throne running about.

Baby Tommen is a Lannister and the decisions made by his stupid mother are going to be his undoing I fear. The Faith has been re-armed and I am sure that her decision not pay back the Bank of Braavos is going to murder an already faltering economy. The wars brought about Joffrey's decision to take Ned's head off his shoulders has killed many and will bring about famine once winter is upon them in earnest.

I like Stannis, but he is too unyeilding. Plus, snatching away people's faith is not a good plan. Now Cersei has re-armed the Faith. I wonder what they will do to those that oppose them? Melisandre says that the seven are false gods. All those men with seven pointed stars on their doublets are going to ojbect methinks.

If Jon is a T, I wonder how he will react? Would he even want the throne? At this point, I do not think that he would want it, but I could be wrong. He always wanted to be a real Stark. Would finding out he is the son of a different Stark shatter his world? All of Ned's kids seem to view him as some sort of lodestone. Makes me wonder...
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