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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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Plain Simple has the right of it, although I don't know if the story as is could be saved, even if it was heavily tinkered with. If any of you have ever watched Nostalgia Critic and Linkara's video review of Insurrection, they tear this film a new one and explain how it makes no sense in the greater scope of Trek, because it backtracks on many of Trek's key themes. I know their style isn't for everyone, but was really a great summation of everything that's wrong with this movie.

Yep, I saw that episode of NC and they were spot-on. One of the(many) baffling things about INS is how it contradicts so many of Trek's popular themes. (like technology is a force for progress in Trek vs. the Baku's "advanced technology is eeeevil" stance)
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