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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Brendan Moody wrote: View Post
Hearing petitions is a pretty standard part of Westerosi royal tradition. It was unwise to conquer Meereen in the first place, and more unwise still to stay,
It's a far wiser act than abandoning the city to others, which is what she did with Astapor (with pretty terrible results). Her reasons for going to Westeros at this point are largely theorectical, when you get down to it - my ancestors held this, so I should, too. It's something we readers really want because it'd immediately connect Dany's narrative to the rest of the novel series (and Martin's grounded pseudo-English Westeros is a lot better to read about than his Orientalism-laden stereotypes), but that doesn't make it automatically the best course for her. It's a land she has entirely secondhand information about and so far no concrete evidence she'd get any kind of support. Abandoning a bird in hand for two on a bush and all that.

That, I think, is a large part of the problem with Daenerys: she doesn't have any knowledgeable advisers she can be guided by and entrust things to.
Pretty much. Most of her problems in ADWD have to do with trusting someone she really shouldn't have.

Kosh Naranek wrote: View Post
Therefore, she may have the right, but her path seems to lead nowhere in terms of the kingdom. (Plus, every time she rags on Ned, she loses a point in my book.
Ned Stark is a man she's never met, who she knows about mostly because he's partly responsible for the annihilation of her entire family, the dynastic massacre that took her father, brother, and smashed the skull of her infant nephew. As far as she knows she's got no family left. She doesn't have as informed a perspective on Ned as the reader does but her opinion of him is perfectly reasonable considering what she knows and who she is.

If I had to pick a king I would chose Stannis right now, but his allowing Melisandre to rip all other gods from the people will not end well I think.
Stannis is honorable to the point of being impractical. He's Ned Stark only nobody likes him and he's meaner. I love Stannis, but I don't think he's got a chance in hell of being the King.
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