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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Also, lots of great camera work during the interrogation scenes when transitioning between crew members. There was also a cool shot where Quinn exists the forward bridge turbolift and the camera follows him in a closeup right into the ready room. I enjoy shots like that which were lost as the series progressed. It's a shame too given the way the sets were constructed where they really did link the rooms together for the most part.
Pretty sure I read somewhere that the interrogation sequence was borrowed from an old movie (and I'm sure it's been used in plenty of other TV shows as well).

But I definitely agree about the more creative camerawork. I always loved those shots (both on TOS and TNG) where we'd follow the characters from the turbolift onto the bridge, or those overhead shots we'd get of the entire bridge.

Shame the direction got so stodgy and predictable later on.
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