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People that argue for Kirk and Spock to be more vengeful don't understand Star Trek.
Who's arguing that?

I would image that you also believe that Kirk followed through on his promise to Maltz to kill him later in TSFS.
Nope. In fact, I have played Maltz in a post-ST III fan film, in which he was freed from his Vulcan prison cell... by Saavik.

Maltz behind bars by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Free Maltz by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

"The Klingon-English Dictionary" thanks Maltz for helping with translations. In her ST IV novelization, Vonda McIntyre suggests that Maltz suicided. In the first two "Genesis Wave" novels, Maltz survives into the 24th century.

There are ways to defeat someone other than killing them.
But JJ Abrams wasn't making that kind of movie for his first outing with ST. We don't know, yet, his plans for the sequel.
You suggested people would call for them to take vengeance.

Therin of Andor wrote:
And if the movie unfolded the way you suggest, you can guarantee we'd have had people here arguing that the producers missed a wonderful opportunity for Kirk and Spock to be more vengeful after the deaths of Amanda, many starships and billions of Vulcans.
Spock would certainly have cause to want revenge on Nero. However,he was emotionally compromised and, he wasn't the one who made the decision. Kirk was. Spock could have been standing there screaming "Kill him! Kill him!" and it wouldn't have made a difference. The choice was up to Kirk.

Compare Kirk's order to "Fire everything" at an enemy who was no longer a threat to the end of Batman Begins:

Batman: I won't kill you...but I don't have to save you.

Would that movie have been better if batman had pulled out a gun and shot Ra's? Would you look at the character the same way? Kirk's cocky grin when Spock tells him that mercy is not the way tells us a lot about Kirk. Instead of being a character who has grown we see that, at heart, he's still the bar brawler from three years earlier. He's closer to Mirror-Archer's approach to the Gorn, killing him instead of sparing his life.
We can admit that we're killers ... but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes! Knowing that we're not going to kill - today! - Kirk - A Taste of Armageddon
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