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Re: 50TH Anniversary rumor

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Seriously? "That whole Peter Davison Aging Crap"? Why does it matter? He was instantly recognizable, so, his hair part is a little thinner, not a big deal?

I even watched a Fan Edit version on YouTube, that spliced it into Time Flight, and it wasn't jarring at all for me? I rationalize the aging for the Multi-Doctor "Team Up" Specials in my own mind, that once regenerated, the previous Doctor lives on in an alternate Time Line, while the newly Regenerated Doctor takes over the Prime Timeline, this also explains for me how multiple Doctors are available all at once to be available for the "team up"

I can't fathom how the slight change in Davison's appearance after all these years could produce such a strong negative reaction?
He was also wrinklled, but atleast he's kept in shape. Most of the others have put on to much weight. Personaly, I liked time crash, just didn't like the age thing. Plus Davidson is my least favourate doctor.
Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
On the one hand, he says he'd feel cheated because only three of the actual actors would return (I assume he means 'appear' rather than return - he only names Smith, Tennant and McGann as being definites) but on the other hand, he dismisses the return of several of the original actors on the basis of 'the ageing crap.'

I'm also curious as to how anyone other than members of the DW production crew can 'know for a fact' that Tennant and McGann will be in the special.
Smith, Tennant, and Mcgaun are definately going to be there. Tennant was one of the most famous doctors ever and loved playing him plus he's still young, so he'd be up for it, and I've already seen designs for Mcgauns new sonic screw driver. I'm sure he'll be in it (plus Smith's the current doctor, so he's in). The only other doctor who have not ages too much since their last time on screen are Ecclesten and mcoy, ecclesten didn't get on with the people at the BBC, so he's out, where as Mcoy is really enfusiastic about the show, so i think he's the fourth doctor. Then again, who said anything about four, maybe it will just be three of them there, are they'll do to Ecclesten what they did to Baker in the five doctors, so they can name it the four doctors. If there really needs to be four doctors, and ecclesten or mcoy can't do the job, I think the pre Earthly child 1st doctor will be the fourth actor. Even if Collin was still young, I couldn't imagine them using him, he was fired and his coat is too colourfull, it'd make the whole thing look odd (I don't have a problem with the coat, but I'm sure they wouldn't use it.) Also heard that they're redesigning Pauls costume. But I'd hate to see Baker in it, he's aged to badly. Out of Baker. Davidson, and C. Baker, I'd go for Davidson due to him againg better, but still not his biggest fan. Also just thought of somthing. If they did use Baker or pre unearthly child 1st doctor, it wouldn't make sense having the 11th, 10th, 8th, and 1st or 4th. It's completely random. I wish Eccleston would do it and make the whole thing make sense, but due to his problem with the BBC (he left because of the people at the BBC and dr who), he aint comming back. My realistic hope is Mcoy.
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Green Lantern wrote: View Post
Even though it's a long shot, I'd really like RTD to help Moffat with the script. The two together are just plain great, but Moffat on his own usualy sucks donkey balls.
Funny you should say that, since it is a confirmed fact that Moffat was one of the few writers whose scripts RTD never supervised. Moffat just wrote the script, handed in to RTD who had it printed and handed to the actors. So even duirng the RTD era, Moffat was essentially "on his own."
Yes, but you can see the odvious differences between RTD era Moffat episodes and Moffat era Moffat episodes.
Cutter John wrote: View Post
I think with a bit of creative writing they could bring some of the older Doctors like Tom or Colin back. For example, having Eleven stumble across an abandoned laboratory containing clones of his past selves, which have his memories and personalities, but which like the one created from Ten's hand, age at the same rate as humans.
I think the clone thing will be how they bring various doctors back, but answer me this. If they simply clonned them, why would they have to be older than their prime? After all, it'd be nothing to do with time or anything. Just coppys.
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