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Re: Literate Trek Novels

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Articles of the Federation is sort of Star Trek meets The West Wing, if that seems interesting. It's a little bit tied into the ongoing continuity of the post-series novels, while still standing well on its own..
The problem of Articles is that it is a great read, but it doesn't have depth per se. It's a set of problems the characters solve, but it's not a set of subtextual problems the author is resolving. It is very tv-like, in the sense that it is mainly plot and story, with smart-ish dialogue. I wouldn't put it in a 'literary' envelope that the OP suggested: I think it is excellent 'tie-in', paying homage and playing with the bits of Trek. But it doesn't deconstruct the source material, nor present a complex subtext, like perhaps 'literature' does?

Stitch does do that, since that was an interest on the actor's part. He is often all subtext in interviews!
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