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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

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Case in point with "Yesterday's Enterprise" and the "K'Vort class battlecruisers," which were just unrealistically upscaled BoPs. They hadn't yet built the Vorcha model, which is most likely what they would have used if they had it.
If they wanted Klingon battlecruisers, I don't know why they didn't just use the lovely K'tinga-class miniature instead of the ugly, wrong-sized BoP.
While I agree with you that the K'Tinga class ship is a terrific design, even if it was scaled to its normal dimensions, it would have been no match for the Enterprise-D. The whole reason they had to upscale the BoPs to ridiculous dimensions was so that the Ent-D had an equally-sized adversary to fight. Unfortunately they had no corresponding model at the time (although I suppose they could have used that Planet of the Creeps/Promellian ship painted green like they eventually did in DS9...when scaled to the station, it was huge...)
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