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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Just watched "Coming of Age" and "The Arsenal of Freedom." It's amazing how the quality of the writing improved during the second half of S1. Loved seeing Remmick again. Pretty awkward moment when he asks to serve on the ship at the end of his investigation. Also, lots of great camera work during the interrogation scenes when transitioning between crew members. There was also a cool shot where Quinn exists the forward bridge turbolift and the camera follows him in a closeup right into the ready room. I enjoy shots like that which were lost as the series progressed. It's a shame too given the way the sets were constructed where they really did link the rooms together for the most part. On a separate note, and as often pointed out, it seems hard to believe that the Academy wouldn't take all of these extremely bright candidates, but considering this was the first "academy" episode of modern Trek, I'll give them a pass.

"Arsenal" is always fun. The very first shot of the surface when the away team beams down does not hold up well in HD and the set looks cheapish. However, as the episode progresses they tend to bury the camera within the foliage so it hides some of the deficiencies of the sound stage "exterior" set.

Anyone else notice that in one of these two episodes (I forget which one because I watched both back to back) that some of the reconstructed transporter effects appear to fade out a little too soon? I think it was in "Coming of Age."

Overall, two great episodes.
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