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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Oh yes, I forget myself. Or rather I forget the thread

I like Neelix, but he is flawed and annoying. That's what makes him a decent character.
I don't disagree with the comments on Neelix. He can be pushy and annoying; even rude. However, I too find that all of those quirks make him an interesting and decent character. Although, I still have not decided on how I feel about him addressing Tuvok as Mr. Vulcan; is it said to be condescending or polite??
Completely agree with Neelix. But that's what you get from aliens -- their codes of behaviour can't be expected to be quite the same as ours, and I always found it refreshing (up to a point ...) to have someone there who cuts right through the social conventions and to the heart of the matter, whether people like it or not. He's one of the more consistently drawn characters, based on that premise.

As for him calling Tuvok "Mr. Vulcan", I always thought that came from Caretaker where Tuvok rather superciliously introduces himself as "I am a Vulcan". Like that is the most important thing about him (of course, it is -- not the point).
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