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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Hearing petitions is a pretty standard part of Westerosi royal tradition. It was unwise to conquer Meereen in the first place, and more unwise still to stay, but I don't buy that it's stupid of Daenerys to govern the city herself, especially since (some of) the people love her, not her functionaries, and since the pool of possible individuals she might delegate to is limited. That, I think, is a large part of the problem with Daenerys: she doesn't have any knowledgeable advisers she can be guided by and entrust things to. Barristan is noble and loyal, but he's hardly a political genius, and a lifetime in the institution of the Kingsguard has made him too deferential, especially when faced with a highly confident monarch like Daenerys. That's what Tyrion could be good for, if he ever gets to Daenerys and she's able to recognize his skill: he has the intelligence and the cheek necessary to get through to her.

If Genna had actually being telling Jaime something about his biological parentage, it would be a bombshell. But that's pretty evidently not how she meant it.
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