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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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I just recently dumped my ISP and went with a free ISP in my state. My old ISP has been overcharging me for years, so it felt like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I know that Internet is free in certain places like McDonalds and Libraries, but it still needs to be paid if you are at home for nearly everyone.

Is the main problem we don't have free internet for everyone GREED? It seems like it would be so nice if every computer already came with free internet. ISPs will still need to be around for those that download massive amounts of data every month, but I think casual internet usage with a little downloading shouldn't need to be paid. Is this simply too expensive for the government to provide?
Sorry but in places like McDonalds the internet isn't technically free. It still has to be paid for somehow, so each and every time you buy a burger and a drink a small part of the cost of that is what covers the operating expense of the internet access.

Libraries if they are operated/owned by the governemnt be it national or local are funded by taxes so once again if you are a tax payer you have paid for it.

A lot of these so called free internet are still paid for by indirect means.
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