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Re: Literate Trek Novels

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If one had Zadie Smith, Ian MacEwan, Sebastian Faulks and Iain Banks write Treklit, wouldn't it be a total shame if they were not given the chance to write their own version? I guess the question that underlines what I write, is what is 'tie-in' literature and what can it be and not be.
Sometimes "radical reinvention" simply becomes parody -- like Galaxy Quest, K/S fan fiction or, to pick a "literary" example, Scalzi's Redshirts. It could be argued that all three are radical reinventions of Star Trek.

At some point, "radical reinvention" stops being tie-in literature and becomes something else.

People purchase and read tie-in and series literature because they want a fresh, but familiar experience. Not too familiar, lest it become tiresome (as in much Treklit published between 1989-1994) but not to radically different, lest it become too strange and new. (We want our "strange new worlds" to be comfortably familiar, too -- just look at the angst caused by Janeway's death or Sisko's divorce.)

Striking the right balance isn't easy. Writers who can consistently scratch our itch for "sense of wonder" as well as our yearning for "comfort food" are rare. Fortunately, the current stable of regular Treklit writers seems to hit that sweet spot far more often than they miss it.
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