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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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Watching SGU all the way through for the first time. Was VERY disappointed because someone told me that Rodney was in the pilot as a hand over type deal and.. he isn't However looking it up I see he will be in one episode.. !!!

Anyway, I just watched the ep Earth and am so creeped out I feel like having a shower. Having sex in someone else's body?! Are there NO guidelines to what you do when using this form of communication? Bad enough to get drunk.. but geezus.

Rant rant rant.. anyway what was the reaction, if any, to this event when the episode aired?
I don't remember what TrekBBS's reaction was, because I got into the SGU threads here pretty late, but on other forums, people were pretty irked by a lot of stuff the writers did.
A business man and engineer discuss how to launch a communications satellite in the 1960s:
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